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Our fully qualified roofers have experience in all areas of flat roofing, including flat roof repair, replacement, and installation. We have over 20 years of flat roofing experience so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive high-quality flat roofing services.

There are so many flat roofing systems on the market, that it can be difficult to choose the right one and you can rely on us to help you select the best flat roofing system for your requirements.

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    Flat Roofing Services Include

    Flat Roof Replacements, New Roofs

    Flat Roof Design / Flat Roofer Experts

    Repairs & Maintenance

    Green Roofs Installs

    Fascias, Soffits, Guttering. Leak Testing

    Felt Roofing, Chimney Repairs

    Single Ply Roofing Membranes / Single-Ply Systems

    Hot Bitumen Roofing / Lead Work

    Our Flat Roof Systems

    No matter if you need a flat roof system for your home, garage, office, or extension as skilled flat roofers we have the necessary training and experience to assist you. The materials we use include, but are not limited to the following:


    A popular choice due to its waterproofing capabilities and durability is fiberglass roofing, also known as GRP. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polymer. It is a composite material made of fine glass fibers and plastic that is strong, durable, and industrial strength. It can be used on any surface regardless of its size.


    As authorized contractors, we can install PolyureCoat, a liquid waterproof membrane. This method allows us to create a long-lasting, seamless, and durable curing system. This liquid is ideal for both new projects and refurbishments. It provides a durable, puncture-proof coating. EPDM


    EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is one of the most durable products available. It is resistant to sun damage and when maintained correctly can last for many decades.


    In time a flat roof will need to be repaired eventually. The roof might need repair or maintenance due to wear and tear over time, water accumulation on the surface of the roof, or maybe defective installation.

    Our experienced roofers will take the time to learn about the scope of work required to repair or maintain your roof, as this is a crucial step before starting any work. Our experience as roofing contractors is extensive and we have been maintaining and repairing flat roofs for years. The roofers at our company are proficient in all aspects of roofing and guarantee you’ll get the best results.

    Flat Roof Repairs

    Emergency Roofing Repairs

    Replacement of waterproof membranes

    Leak Repairs, Chimney Leaks

    Protective Coatings

    Replacing Roof Felt

    Tiling / Re-timbering

    Flat Roof Installations

    When installing flat roofing, it is essential that they must be as close to level as possible. Flat roofs aren’t actually flat, this is due to the fact that water needs to run off of them. We install flat roofs with this in mind so as to minimize the possibility of water damage ever affecting your property.

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    Advantages of Flat Roofing

    They work very well for extensions, renovations, and new builds

    Extremely durable and long-lasting

    Weather-Resistant and protects from harmful UV Rays

    It can make your home look better and improve its aesthetic appeal

    Due to the material's seamless nature, it is water-resistant and leak-free

    Maintenance is minimal to non-existent

    Easy installation on the majority of roofs

    Able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and adverse conditions

    Which Flat Roof System is the Best?

    The best roofing system for your project will depend on many factors. The factors that will determine the best roofing system for your project include your budget as well as how quickly you need it to be installed.

    We will need to inspect your property to evaluate the shape and size of the area that is required, as more complex areas may need more flexible materials, such as liquid coatings.

    Our roofers will help you decide from the many options available and will also advise on the best options that meet your needs.


    As an experienced roofing company, we have a team that is highly trained and skilled in dealing with any type of roof. Our roofers are experts in designing, installing, and repairing flat roofs that will then withstand all the elements for a very long time.

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Before starting to execute the project, we conduct an evaluation. Our evaluation methods ensure that our clients are always provided with the best options for roof installations and repairs.

    Over the years we have established a reputation as a trusted flat roofing company in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. We are a popular choice for many local businesses and residents thanks to our professionalism and knowledge. Our products are of the highest quality, and we also offer a guarantee on the work we do.


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